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A phenomenal heirloom wheat variety that was once the standard bread wheat across North America. Rarely grown, this heritage grain has a distinct flavor all its own, and it shines in breads and muffins. A clear choice when elevating flour above "just another ingredient," our stone-milled Red Fife flour is a …

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Red Fife wheat is a landrace, meaning there is a genetic variability in the wheat that allows it to adapt to a diversity of growing conditions. It can be hard or soft, white or red and be planted in winter or spring. Its adaptability and final characteristics are directly related to the …

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Red Fife Whole Grain Flour – 3, 10 & 50 lb bags. Heirloom Red Fife wheat boasts exceptional flavor and baking properties while remaining un-altered by modern genetic modification. It performs similarly to — and can be used in place of — modern Hard Red Winter wheat.

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First, red fife is typically prepared as a stone-milled whole wheat, which means that not only retains the nutritionally mediocre endosperm that is found in refined grains, but also the bran and ...

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Flourist Whole Grain Red Fife Flour is milled from organically grown Red Fife wheat from Vonda, Saskatchewan. This flour contains 100% of the original grain, and is rich in fibre and flavour. Use it in cookies, muffins and any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour.

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Red Fife is a wheat variety that was the baking and milling industries' standard of wheat in Canada from 1860 to 1900. The wheat was originally sent to Peterborough, Ontario farmer David Fife in 1840, from whom it took its name. It is impossible to verify where the wheat originated as grain has moved around the world for many centuries.

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Whole wheat flour comes in two varieties: 100 percent whole wheat flour and white whole wheat flour. One hundred percent whole wheat flour is made from hulled red wheat grain. It provides more fiber and other nutrients than all-purpose flour.

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The wheat tested out at 12.2% protein and made good bread and pizza. It has a taste profile similar to Turkey, but there are floral tones that I can't quite describe. It rises higher than our Turkey flour and makes a stronger dough. Currently Red Fife is the oldest variety of Wisconsin heritage flour we offer.

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Our Whole Wheat Flour is made from Red Fife hard red spring wheat. This wheat mills to make a high gluten flour with a reddish tinge. Red Fife wheat is a heirloom variety brought from Scotland to Saskatchewan in the early 1800's. It almost disappeared from production during the Great Depression.

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Red Fife was North America’s preferred bread wheat in the 19th century, fathering many of our modern bread wheat varieties. It disappeared from production with the Great Depression and was re-introduced into Canada a little over a decade ago, where it has drawn a slow, steady, ardent cadre of artisan bakers.

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Flourist Sifted Red Fife Flour is milled from organically grown Red Fife wheat from Vonda, Saskatchewan. This flour is ideal for creating moist, flavourful cookies, muffins, pancakes, and both sweet loaves. This flour is a perfect replacement for white all purpose flour from the grocery store—more flavourful, more nutritious and freshly milled.

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You can add red fife flour to your cupboards to elevate your baked goods and other dishes to a whole new level. You will notice a more robust flavor and texture profile in all your culinary creations when you make this smart switch.

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Below are the photos and recipes for an all whole grain red fife sourdough bread (all-purpose flour starter) and a 40% whole grain red fife sourdough bread. About Red Fife Wheat. Red fife is a heritage or heirloom wheat thought to have originated in the Ukraine and brought to Canada in the 1840s.

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Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. Wheat varieties are called "soft" or "weak" if gluten content is low, and are called "hard" or "strong" if they have high gluten content. Hard flour, or bread flour, is high in gluten, with 12% to 14% gluten content, and its dough has elastic toughness that holds its shape well once baked.

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Red Fife Wheat. Back 40 Organics Ltd ... Organic sprouted red fife flour. Produced in a peanut and tree nut free facility. Product not intended for raw consumption. Salted Oatmeal Corn Flake Cookies. By Sondra. Whole Grain Christmas Stollen. By Sondra. Sprouted Red Fife Peppermint Chocolate Brownies.

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Organic Heritage Red Fife Wheat Flour Sweet and nutty tasting, this heritage grain has a reddish hue and gives bread a delightful aroma. Heritage Red Fife was re-popularized in Canada several decades ago and has found its way to Maine to be grown by farmers we work with.

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8 Cups Red Fife Wheat Flour. In large mixing bowl combine water, honey, and yeast. After about about 5 minutes, once the yeast has softened, incorporate the butter and 4 cups of the flour, one cup at a time using your bread hook mixer attachment on low speed. Continue mixing for 7 minutes on low speed.

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Named after David Fife, the seed came from Scotland in 1842 and is believed to be a relative of Halychanka Wheat (a Ukrainian Heritage wheat). The unique properties of Red Fife and its adaptation to the Canadian climate has made it the genetic parent to …

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Arriving in Canada in 1842, Red Fife is a heritage grain that’s considered to be Canada’s oldest wheat variety. Red Fife is known for its complex taste and solid gluten structure, making it especially well-suited for bread. Working with Red Fife flour is a simple one-to-one substitution for whole grain flour. Ingredients: Organic red fife ...

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I used 75% Sprouted Red Wheat Flour and 25% Sprouted Ancient Grains Baking Mix. While I didn’t get a whole lot of oven spring, the textured of the crumb was open and moist. I will be experimenting with bake times and temperatures as the initial crispy crust was lost during the cooling stage.

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Red Fife wheat adapts to both spring and fall planting (while most strains only thrive when planted in either spring or fall) and was a rust-resistant plant that fared well in the Canadian climate. A particularly important revelation in the western provinces.

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Meanwhile, sift the flour into a bowl. I’ve used half white flour and half Red Fife and I’ve used 100% Red Fife. Note that if you make it entirely from Red Fife, it will be a fairly dense whole wheat bread. Add the bubbly yeast water and most of the remaining up of water to the flour and mix.

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Red Fife is a heritage wheat variety (Triticum aestivum) that Ontario farmer Dave Fife and his family started growing in 1842. Its name is derived from the original red colour of the wheat …

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Red Fife Wheat Flour, 5 lbs. 12.00. Tuality Grains Oregon. Red fife was Canada’s primary wheat crop during the late 19th century, and the variety almost disappeared. Brought back into production about 20 years ago, Red Fife is a heritage landrace with the genetic variability that allows it to adapt to a diversity of growing conditions.

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Class:Hard Red Winter Wheat Available types: Whole Wheat, Type ‘00’ Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX Protein: 10.15% protein Falling number: 345 Flavor profile: strongest wheat profile of all our offerings Best for: breads, crackers, crusts Red Fife originated in the Ukraine and brought to Ontario by farmer David Fife in 1840.Red Fife was then grown in the US by Wisconsin farmer J.W ...